Wanted: Dead or Alive

Early Wristrockets (1950s)
Wristrocket Slingbows

Robert Blair's slingshots
Pocket Socket
Super Sling
Com Bow

Boler right and left hand

Mulligan Special (both sizes)

Tinker Deer Slayer and Killdeer

Spatari's Fist Flite

Native Weapon's Hunting Slingshot

American Slingshot


Hoyt's Missle Sling and Missle Sling Hunter

Harp's Camper Slingshot

Chiron H-Bow



The Sling-Thing by Galen Kees

Break-Free Linear Bow

Skaska System

Beeman Com Bow (Silver Streak and Black Ninja)

Zing Shot

Bow-Zooka, Bow-Zooka Jr., Sling-Zooka

DeLong Wooden Slingshot


Interested in the whereabouts of the molds for Tinker's models


If you have any information about the above fugitives please contact the Slingshot Authorities

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