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Have Slingshots

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The "Have Slingshots-Will Travel" program is a presentation for all ages that is very unique and unusual. A variety of 30 to 40 different slingshots will be displayed and discussed as part of the program. The slingshots include the old fashion forks with red rubber inner tube bands, early commercial models, the wrist brace models, and up to the current models with sights, arm braces, stabilizers, ammo holders, and tapered bands. Handcrafted, one-of-a-kind, experimental, and prototype models are also part of the presentation swiss panerai replica .

A discussion of several slingshot organizations, slingshot companies, and slingshot tournaments is an interesting and informative part of the program. The history of the slingshot from the forties to present time is the main topic of this presentation.

Also available through "Have Slingshots-Will Travel" is classes on how to shoot a slingshot, setting up a slingshot fun shooting range, and holding slingshot tournaments.

With many years of experience of teaching people of all ages how to shoot a slingshot, you can be certain of learning how to shoot a slingshot safety, correctly, and accurately through this program.

The experience I have directing and setting up over 20 slingshot tournaments and helping with about 10 other tournaments will provide you with an excellent slingshot tournament.