While in Los Angeles working as a mathematics consultant at the CAG convention for Borenson & Associates, I was able to take some time to visit the Marksman company in Huntington Beach.

Bill Dworzan was very kind to take the time to visit with me about slingshots and Marksman. He took me on a tour of their plant. I was amazed by the amount of materials and completed items on hand. It really was a slingshot collector and shooters paradise. The plant was very active with people working on everything involved in the production, packaging, and shipping of Marksman's products.

One of the highlights of my visit was seeing prototypes of the Laserhawk Adjustable slingshot. You know how bad I wanted them for my collection.

Bill and I discussed many different items concerning slingshots from past slingshots to future models. We also shared information about slingshots. One item we discussed was the leather used for slingshot pouches. I prefer a thin leather with one smooth side and one rough side. Marksman uses a heavy leather that is rough on both sides. This is necessary for them because the leather has to meet certain guidelines to make sure the slingshot is safe to use and will not break and injure someone. I asked about the possibility of a slingshot with an arm brace that would use the smaller bands like those used on Marksman's PowerFlex.

Since Marksman and Beeman are both companies owned by S&R Industries, Bill and I were able to talk about the Beeman Crow Stealth slingshot. Bill said that they were having difficulties with the production of this model. The Crow Stealth would be the Laserhawk Stealth in camouflage. Bill had doubts that they would be able to put the Crow Stealth into production. I personally hope they will be able to produce this model. Over the years Marksman has marketed several of their slingshots in camouflage. I suggested that they make a full line of Beeman Crow slingshots in camouflage since they had made other camouflage slingshots in the past.

We also discussed the return of the Summer Nationals Slingshot Tournament. Bill said that Marksman would be involved in the tournament in some way. Marksman's involvement in the SNST goes back to the beginning of the tournament in the 70's. I am looking forward to their help again.

I had met Clyde Sprenger and Marksman President Bob Eck at the Sporting Goods Annual Exhibit in Chicago in the 70's. Marksman donated slingshots for shooting and prizes for the SNST. Clyde attended several Summer Nationals to display Marksman Products and participate in the tournament activities.