Slingshot and Catapult Shooter: Jerry Blanchard

When Jerry Blanchard first attended the Summer Nationals Slingshot Tournament in 1979, He proceeded to run away from everyone with his fantastic shooting ability. None of the other participants had even seen anyone shoot with the accuracy and consistency that Jerry was shooting with at the targets. He became an inspiration to many of the people to improve their shooting. Jerry also became the one everyone else wanted to beat at the tournament.

Jerry's shooting ability and style was the result of many years of practice with a sight, consistance anchor point, and natural ability.

Jerry first met Rodney Wolf at Rodney's class on catapultry at Stevens Point Wisconsin. Both were suprised to find someone else as involved with slingshots as themselves.

Over the years Jerry has become involved in scouting and has used the sport of catapultry and slingshot shooting to teach the scouts. He has presented programs on slingshots that involved talking about the sport, teaching scouts how to shoot, and holding contests for scouts.

In 1983 and 1984, Jerry held the Central Wisconsin Universal Slingshot Tournament. ( editor's note: Jerry it's time to revive yorur tournament too!!!)

Jerry Blanchard's Tournament Wins:

1979 1st place Mens
1980 1st place Mens
1983 5th place Mens, 1st place Team Shoot
1984 1st place Mens, 2nd place Team Shoot
1985 2nd place Class A, 2nd place Standard Round, 3rd place Texas Shoot, 1st place Tub Shoot,
         2nd place Caveman Team Shoot, 2nd place Team Shoot, 5th place Hillbilly Shoot, 4th place
         Silhouette Shoot
1986 1st place Class A, 3rd place Team Shoot, 2nd place Caveman Shoot
1987 1st place Class A