Like Father, Like Son
Like Mother, Like Daughter


Kevin.Kent.1968.slingshots.jpg (13249 bytes)Shooting slingshots is the perfect family sport! Children and adults of all ages can learn how to shoot a slingshot very quickly. Everyone with the right instruction and practice can become a fairly accurate shooter. The expense of shooting a slingshot is quite small (unless you start collecting them), the sport can be enjoyed in your backyard and basement, and there is a great variety of games and activities that can be enjoyed with a slingshot.

GlennTourn3.jpg (12232 bytes)Blue Skeen, Ivan Glenn, Jerry Blanchard, Rodney Wolf, and I have been teaching people of all ages how to shoot a slingshot for over 20 years( in some cases it is more like 30 years). We have all taught our children, wife, and other family members how to shoot along with neighbors, friends, and anyone else that was interested in learning. Blue and Ivan have also had the pleasure of teaching their grandchildren how to shoot. They have also provided their students with very special handcrafted slingshots. While I don't know how many women are teaching their children and others how to shoot a slingshot, I do know that Mary Wolf and my wife, Kay, have also been involved in the special education of slingshot shooting. I would like to know if other women are also teaching our great sport to the next generation. I would gladly put stories, letters, and pictures in this magazine of men and women teaching others to shoot a slingshot. Over the years many of us have been involved in teaching school children, scout groups, and church groups how to shoot.

Since we have a variety of ages and sizes of people learning to shoot slingshots, it is necessary to have different sizes of slingshots for them to use. Blue and Ivan realized this and have been making slingshots in different sizes for many years. Several slingshot companies and inventors also have provided their slingshots in different sizes. Some of   the earlier people to provide two sizes of slingshots were John Milligan and Carl Tinker. The Victor Animal Trap Co. carried two models, the Victor 10 and the Victor 20, for their customers. Kevin and I are using them in the top photo that was taken in 1967. We had just bought them in Wisconsin. Later on Robert Blair and the Allison Shot Shooter carried different sizes of slingshots. At the present time Marksman and Crosman have a smaller slingshot for younger shooters; however, I recommend these for everyone. While they may not have the power of the bigger models this does not take away from their accuracy. As usual they are fun to shoot too! While the smaller slingshots are meant for smaller hands there are many shooters who have large hands that prefer a smaller slingshot. There maybe many reasons for using a smaller slingshot but one of them is feeling that they have better control with it and can shoot better with it. I know this to be true because I have been beaten by them.

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