Just as I was finishing up the article on "Pack That Cat" for the first issue, I ran across the Turkey Pouches. It was too late to include them in the first article so this may become a feature. I am looking for other things to use for packing your slingshot.

pakcat06.jpg (27677 bytes)

The turkey pouches came in two styles, a specially designed pouch for turkey hunting and a belt pack that is similar to most belt or fanny packs. I of course had to have both of them. The special turkey hunter's pouch is 9 by 12 inches and has three compartments. Two of the compartments are zippered and the larger one as a divider in it. The smaller zippered pouch is about half the size. The third and middle compartment has an open top and is large enough for almost any non-arm brace, folding, and removable arm brace slingshot.

pakcat07.jpg (35398 bytes)

The fanny pack has three zippered compartments and attached belt. The large compartment could hold just about any of the same slingshots as the turkey pouch. The two smaller compartments will hold a variety of equipment such as ammo, replacement bands, candy bar, etc.

While either one of the pouches would probably be sufficient for all your slingshot or catapultry needs, you may be like me and want to use them both so you can carry more than enough equipment.