Multi-Lakes Slingshot Tournament

blue.mlst.jpg (9030 bytes)garyh.mlst.jpg (8830 bytes)The Multi-Lakes Conservation Association Slingshot League was started in 1960. It is the longest running slingshot league in the world. Each fall they start their league and continue during the winter and spring. In 1983 they decided to have a slingshot tournament as part of their year's slingshot activities. The official name of the event became The Multi-Lakes Winter Nationals Slingshot Tournament.

It was my pleasure and enjoyment to be able to attend the tournament in 1983 and again in 1987. The Winter Nationals was always a great time and a lot of fun. There is a rumor that the Winter Nationals will return. Even though I haven't heard from anyone yet, I hope this rumor is true.


kris.mlst.jpg (7749 bytes)billg.mlst.jpg (8813 bytes) Here are photographs of several of the participants at the 1983 Multi-Lakes Winter Nationals Slingshot Tournament. Blue Skeen is in the top left corner, Gary Hunsicker in the upper right corner, Kris Shepard in the lower left corner, and Bill Grimes in the lower right corner. Not only can you get a look at the different shooting styles, you can also see how brave or foolhearty the editor and photographer of Slingshot the Magazine can be to get a good picture ( I usually stand behind a net to take this type of picture).




blue.gary.mlst.jpg (10251 bytes)repair.mlst.jpg (10853 bytes)Here are some candid photos from both the 1983 and 1987 events. On the left, Blue and Gary discuss the sport and tourney. On the right is repair work on a slingshot.



longslingshot.mlst.jpg (9904 bytes)outdoors.mlst.jpg (13134 bytes)On the left is a very long band on a slingshot and on the right is the outdoors silhouette shoot.




score.mlst.jpg (11212 bytes)trophies.mlst.jpg (15203 bytes)The left photo is of the official scorekeepers. The right photo is of the trophies for the tournament.





As you can see the Multi-Lakes Winter National Slingshot Tournament is a lot of fun. Keep in touch to hear if I find out if there will be a return of this tournament.