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The 1980 WSDR International Slingshot Tournament was the first time for Ivan to compete in a slingshot tournament. He tied for second place in this first tournament.

Ivan has been making slingshots, shooting slingshots, hunting with slingshots, and teaching others how to shoot slingshots all of his life. There are a couple of stories of his early experiences with slingshots under the new feature, Flatbanders Corner.

ivanwsdr1.jpg (15132 bytes)Ivan lives in Rock Falls, Illinois close to the Rock River where he has spent many hours during what is known in Archery as "stump shooting". This is a type of shooting where you practice by shooting at leaves and twigs floating in the water, cans laying along the bank, and other types of small targets. This helped Ivan to develop his shooting skills that place him at the top of slingshot shooters.

Ivan is a member of that dedicated group of slingshot shooters known as, Flatbanders. This group prefers to shoot slingshots using only flat bands or straps on their slingshots. It works for them because at least two of these shooters are among the top shooters in the country at this time. They use a variety of straps from rubber bands to sheets of rubber that they cut out their own straps. Ivan is also using the flat surgical straps that hospitals and doctors use to take blood samples.

IvanKimwsdr.jpg (13067 bytes)Whenever Ivan is out along the canal, Rock River or in the woods shooting his slingshot he is also keeping an eye out for slingshot forks. If he finds one that is not quite big enough he will mark it will a piece of cloth or something so he can harvest it when it is ready. He makes his slingshots out of any kind of wood that has a good fork. Lately Ivan has made me several slingshots out of mulberry and box elder.

For years Ivan has been giving his slingshots to people at work and church. He also teaches them how to shoot a slingshot and gives them ball bearings to shoot. It would be impossible to count the number of people he has taught or the amount of enjoyment made possible through his efforts.


ivanwsdr1.jpg (15132 bytes)Ivan has participated in the slingshot tournaments at Dixon, Toulon, and Multi-Lakes. He is always in the top shooters and has won several events at each tournament.

In 1989 and 1990, Ivan hosted his own slingshot tournament during his church's school fundraiser. This proved to be quite successful, but came at a time when it was hard for him to take time off from work. Then in 1997, Ivan held a fun shoot during the church's annual Father and Son celebration.

Over the years Blue Skeen and Ivan have become close friends as they engaged in friendly but serious completion, exchanged flat band materials, given each other some of their handcrafted slingshots, and shared stories about their slingshot experiences.

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Ivan's Slingshot Tournament Wins:


1980: 3rd Men's
1981: 2nd Men's, 1st Coonskin Cap
1982: 1st Men's, 1st Silhouette
1983: 1st NCA, 1st Coonskin Cap


1981: 2nd Ill Men
1982: 2nd Ill Men
1983: 2nd Ill Men
1984: 2nd Standard Round
1985: 1st Class B, 5th Standard Round
1986: 1st Class B, 2nd Speed Shoot, 1st Hillbilly Shoot
1987: 3rd Class A


1987: 3rd Men Class AA, 2nd Team Shoot, 2nd Silhouette Shoot

In the past few months, Ivan has been making more slingshots than usual. These slingshots are handcrafted beauties and shoot fantastically. ( I know because it is my "job" to test them before offering them for sale).

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Some of Ivan's Handcrafted Slingshots for Sale Through
Slingshots Unlimited

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NOW AVAILABLE: Ivan Glenn Slingshot Video
The Ivan Glenn Slingshot Video is an hour long video of Ivan making a slingshot, talking about how he selects the wood for a slingshot, and showing tips on how to make a slingshot. He also discusses slingshot safety, shows some of his handcrafted slingshots, and shows his slingshot collecion. A demonstration on how to shoot a slingshot and how to set up a shooting range in your basement makes up the last part of Ivan's video. This is a great video for everyone interested in slingshots. The cost of the video is $15.00 plus shipping and handling. To purchase your copy contact Ivan or me.

Ivan Glenn
305 Emmon St.
Rock Falls, IL 61071