" Don't let the Cat out of the Bag "!

From The Unofficial Green Arrow Compendium by Scott McCullar A long time fascination with Batman’s utility belt and Green Arrow’s quiver with all the intriguing items they contained has prompted this article. Those of you who share this enchantment will understand the compulsion to acquire unusual types of containers to store all kinds of "stuff". Almost every sport has some type of tackle box, pack, etc., to store and carry their equipment. Catapultry not only fits in this category, but also may become a front-runner in equipment containers.

As a matter of record, my interest in slingshots and the sport of catapulty stem from in intention to construct a Survival Quiver for Bowhunting. The idea was to make a quiver out of leather that would have several compartments to hold various items of survival for a bow-hunter that became lost or stranded in the woods. From this idea has grown my interest and involvement in slingshot shooting and the sport of catapultry.

Now we have reached the point where we need to discuss types and sizes of containers to pack catapultry equipment. Fortunately for the discriminating catapulter, we can go directly to archery, photography, backpacking, and Army surplus for an all-inclusive variety of sizes, shapes, colors, materials, styles and types of "cat bags".

In Archery we can start with a small belt or accessory pouch and work our way up through beltpack, fanny pack, archery accessory case, and full-sized bow, arrows and accessory case. For those that shoot arrows with a slingshot, the quiver with accessory pouch would be quite handy. Packing several slingshots in the quiver with catapultry extras in the pouch in another possibility.

The gadget bags and camera cases for photography are naturals for slingshot and catapultry paraphernalia. Besides the variety in sizes and shapes, many of them offer good protection for your equipment. The gadget bags with all the separate compartments especially appeal to me. The plastic and metal film containers are super for the smaller items in your catapultry tackle box. If you can obtain the larger uncut film containers, they are perfect for storing replacement bands.

Backpacking offers the catapulter another large variety of sizes, colors, types and multi-compartments. One advantage backpacks have is the ease of carrying a lot of equipment.

A trip to the Army surplus store will net you an extensive assortment of belt pouches, backpacks, duffel bags and ammo boxes to as slingshot and catapultry containers. Here is the opportunity to accumulate pistol belt, combat suspenders and a variety of belt pouches to make the complete catapulters equipment carrier. Rodney Wolf has already assembled a custom utility belt (look out, Batman!).

I purchased a small case in a department store that had a carrying strap, belt loop and 4 zipped compartments. It came in several styles and colors with enough room in the largest compartment to hold a slingshot without an arm brace or a folding slingshot.

This article originally appeared in the winter 1983 issue of Modern Catapultry. Since that time there have been several new ideas to share with you for carrying and storing your slingshots and catapultry equipment.

Blue Skeen has one of the most interesting and creative methods of storing and carrying his slingshots. He wears a pair of carpenter bib overalls that have a large assortment of pockets, pouches and loops to store and carry catapultry equipment. The nail pockets are perfect for slingshot ammo, hammer loops are super for slingshots, the large pockets have plenty of room for extra "stuff" and the upper pockets allow quick access to bands and tools.

The survival Archery/Catapultry Quiver has become a reality since this article was first in print. In the middle ‘80s I purchased a "CatQuiver II from Rancho Safari. This model was equipped with a wrap-over pouch and two side pouches. The following items were added to the CatQuiver II: another wrap-over pouch with the two side pouches, a right hand and left hand hip pack and three belt pouches. The possible combinations for this quiver and the extra accessory pouches provide the Archer/Catapulter with a very flexible and interchangeable method of packing his equipment.

I realize this doesn’t begin to list all the possibilities for packing catapultry equipment. I’ve overlooked such items that are great for packing slingshots like tool boxes, briefcases and small trunks.

pakcat05.jpg (44380 bytes)

For me the ultimate in catapultry packing cases will be a violin case divided into many compartments and lined with red velvet.

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