The National Catapultry Association was formed in 1976 after a meeting in Highland Park, IL on September 6, 1975 and a second meeting in Las Vegas on January 24, 1976 at the 4th Annual Saunders Slingshot Tournament.

The first officers of the NCA were Rodney Wolf, President and Secretary of Communications, Kent Shepard, Vice President, Dave Mendenhall, Treasurer and Secretary of Membership, and Gary Hunsicker, Chief Safety Officer.

During the first year the NCA achieved several goals. The publication of a quarterly magazine, Modern Catapultry, provided communication to the NCA membership. The writing and distribution of the NCA's Constitution was also accomplished in the first year. NCA embroidered emblems and membership cards were made available that first year. The big event of the year was the NCA Summer Nationals Slingshot Tournament at Toulon, Illinois. The Illinois Catapultry Association was formed in the summer of 1976 swiss replica watches .

The first event of 1977 was the Midwest Open Catapultry Tournament at Muncie, Indiana. The Muncie Catapult Club was founded in March of 1977. The Second Annual NCA Summer Nationals Slingshot Tournament was held on August 13th in Toulon, IL.

In 1978 the NCA was featured at the Michana Recreation 78 Sports Show in South Bend, Indiana on January 6-8 with 3 days of catapultry shooting, catapultry exhibits, and catapultry tournaments. Frank Liska joined the officers of the NCA as the new Chief Safety Officer. The Midwest Open Catapultry Tournament was held at the Cascade Sports Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan on April 8th.

The 3rd Annual NCA Summer Nationals Slingshot Tournament was held in Toulon again on August 4th and 5th. This year's tournament was blessed with several exciting items, 129 entries, 15 trophies, a record breaking score, the most unusual family feud ever, and the personal appearance of Jock Mahoney, TV star, Movie star, and famous stuntman. This year also saw the setting up of two shooting ranges, one for the tournament and one for practice and games replica audemars piguet watches .

The major activities of the NCA for 1979 were the Summer Nationals Slingshot Tournament, Frank Liska's catapultry in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Rodney Wolf's catapultry class in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, and Dr. David Field's catapultry class in Muncie, Indiana. 1979 also saw the first NCA Quarterly Mail Match.

The first WSDR International Slingshot Tournament was held in Dixon, IL on July 4-6, 1980. The SNST saw the beginning of the World's Fastest Shot Compton.

The year of 1981 started out with the first and only Winter Indoor Catapultry Tournament in Toulon, IL. This tournament was filmed by "Games People Play" for a special to be shown in July. Next was the WSDR International Slingshot Tournament on July 3-5 at Dixon, IL. Several NCA members from Toulon and Lincoln Park, Michigan participated in the WSDR tournament. On July 10 & 11, the Sixth Annual SNST was held in Toulon with 104 contestants and TV coverage from several stations in Peoria and the Quad Cities. 1981 saw an increase in membership of almost 50% to a total of 165 members. In the fall several NCA members journeyed from Illinois and Michigan to participate in the 7th Annual World Championship Slingshot Tournament on September 5th at Carrizo Springs, Texas.

From 1982 to 1988, the National Catapultry Association continued to hold and attend the different slingshot tournaments around the country. During that time the NCA (Rodney Wolf) developed the NCA rating system to evaluate a shooter's aiming skill and a tournament classification system that was used at several of the tournaments during that time period.

With changes in their jobs and work, the NCA officers did not have the time available to do the NCA and tournament work. This led to the inactivity of the NCA throughout the 90's. Now with 2 of the officers retired and living fairly close we are ready to revive the NCA and the tournaments. Plans are in the works for a return of the Summer Nationals Slingshot Tournament and the Multi-Lakes tournament. At the present time Slingshot the Magazine is serving as the unofficial voice of the NCA. Please keep posted of events through it and contact me to let us know of your interest Audemars Piguet Royal Oak replica watches .