Slingshot Collection

Slingshot Collection the Beginning

"Slingshots the Collection" circa 1966.
This is the point when I realized that I was collecting slingshots.
These are the first models I tried in my "Quest for the perfect slingshot".
The slingshots are arranged in the order that I acquired them.


Slingshot Collection the early days (click on photo for close-ups)

This is a photo of my collection taken in the early '70s.


sc9901.jpg (95973 bytes)

This is my collection as of Aug. 1999, minus a couple of items that were not available for the photo.

How many slingshots does it take to make a "Collection"?
Would you say that I have a plethora of slingshots?

additional.jpg (23658 bytes)

These models have been added to my collection since the last photo was taken in August 1999.

Slingshot Collection Continued